Why Do You Need To Assess Your Security?

Do we even need to ask this question?  IT and data security is the biggest challenge facing most IT departments today.  Some of the benefits of a full security assessment:

  • Find out if your security has already been compromised.
  • Learn about the latest security threats.
  • Learn how to train staff to be vigilant and focused on IT security.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of security issues at all levels.
  • Show your customers that IT security is important to you.

IT Security Peace of Mind

How can you attain “zen” when it comes to IT security?  One way is to constantly consider the following areas:

  • Paths of attack
  • Software patch-level and use compliance
  • Network security architecture
  • User administrative policy and compliance
  • Password policy and use
  • Physical network and system infrastructure security

We will evaluate