Our History

Hardware/Software Services

1985 Created the first integrated video/voice/text & print medical documentation system.
1986 Created the first all- digital wire service for United Press International.
1988 Created the first high-resolution, full-color network print drivers for leading vendors including Canon and IRIS.
1990 Integrated past technologies into a client network neutral platform – Lotus Notes.
1991 Transformed into a virtual company, allowing recruitment of the best engineers located anywhere within the country.  DAV was featured in many articles explaining the art of virtual workgroups.
1992 Created the first network-based scanning solution for Canon’s high speed copiers and scanners.
1993 Grew by 30% investing in the future of internet-based technology.  Key clients were St. Mary’s Hospital, CSI, University of Tennessee, 21st Mortgage, Y12, SSI/CheckFree, IP, CBL, Memphis City Schools.
1994 Became one of Lotus’ largest premier partners by focusing on business process improvements and integration across corporate business units.
1995 Signed a large consulting contract to optimize package tracking workflows and self-serve user experiences for Federal Express.
1996 Chosen as a strategic technology partner for the University of Tennessee, integrating systems and processes across the entire campus
1997 Created a series of Knowledge Management tools and built the framework that Buckman Laboratory used to win the Best Implementation of KM award.
1998 Created a series of tools focusing on Customer Relationship Management integration.  These tools were widely used by customers such as CheckFree/FiServ, CSI/Emerson, TeamHealth, Disney Development and many others.
1999 Built a practice around Learning Management Sytems.  Key clients included the University of Tennessee and Brunswick Boat Groups.


Software & Services

2000 Built a practice around Document Management Systems.  Key clients included AutoZone, Memphis City School Systems, International Paper, CBL Properties and 21st Mortgage.
2001 Signed a large integration contract with IBM to develop an internal product called E-Community.
2002 Built a practice focusing on Transportation and Logistics and was awarded contracts with Comdata, Averitt Express, Brunswick, Landair, Fedex and many others.
2003 Built a secure/encrypted application that could replicate over the internet for Y12 regarding weapons non-proliferation.
2004 Built expertise in credit card processing switching technology, eliminating the need for third-party settlement and driving brand loyalty with Pilot Oil Corp.
2005 Focused on advising clients on best practice, vendor-agnostic mentoring during short-term integration projects.
2006 Began to advise clients on how mature open-source technologies and frameworks could complement their existing infrastructures.
2007 Created a business unit focused on low-cost wireless sensor technologies could be used in conjunction with DAV analytical skills to save millions of collars in utility costs.
2008 Created a business unit to develop holistic energy management solutions for several key clients, including large architectural firms, engineering firms and power producers.



2009 Formed a relationship with a local Civil engineering firm and won a multi-year contract at the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority after recognizing the need by airports to have strategic advice regarding convergent technologies.
2011 Created integration strategies for RFID technologies.
2012 Added a new division of independent, trusted technology advocates.