Independent Technology Advisors

As external consultants, we are your independent,
vendor-neutral IT advisors.

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Infrastructure Guidance

We bring decades of industry expertise
to assessing your IT infrastructure.

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Temporary IT Support

We can provide temporary IT support
during your turnover or transition.

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Business Continuity

As holders of your institutional knowledge,
we provide business continuity to your company.

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What We Do

With over 30 years of technology experience, we are able to provide expert advice on any aspect of business technology systems. Because we are vendor neutral, that advice is also unbiased, allowing us to recommend the system that works best for your company without regard to manufacturer.
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Technology Advisors

As your technology advisor, we will provide expert, unbiased advice on the system that best meets the unique needs of your company.

Long-Term IT Partners

For many of our clients, we have become long-term IT partners, working with them through all types of technology issues and needs.

Short-Term Contractors

If you need a quick solution to an issue or problem, Digital AV can fulfill the role of a short-term contractor.  Our vendor-neutral philosophy makes us the perfect solution for your short-term needs.

About Us

First and foremost, Digital AV is a technology advising company.  We work with our clients to create customized IT solutions.  Our expertise spans a wide-range of markets including government industries, healthcare, manufacturing, and construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology advice do you provide?

We provide expert, vendor-neutral technology advice.  This allows us to create the best solution for your IT issues!

Do you provide customized technology support?

Yes!  Our technology support is customized to meet your specific needs.  Whether you need just a single person a couple of hours a week or a whole team of experts for an extended period of time, we will tailor our staff to fit your needs.  

What is "Business Continuity"?

What happens if the head of your IT department leaves tomorrow?  What is your plan for the retirement of the main holder of IT knowledge at your company?  By partnering with Digital AV, these and other business continuity issues are off the table.  We hold the knowledge so that you can rest easy!